Tuesday, December 31, 2013

John Swallow steps down, more dirt to fly?

The John Swallow Saga has had many weird twists, turns, and curve balls. This is almost of unheard of in Utah politics being a dominate Republican state being that John Swallow was a republican.  I think it's sad that fellow lawmakers took this long to step up only after dragging their feet to start a House Investigation.

Tim Lawson is the only person involved in this scandal to be indicted. I believe there will be more indictments to come as John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff have been awfully quiet in recent weeks trying to cover tracks and decide who to chuck under the wheels themselves. Jason Powers has been a huge question mark on the investigation and could be another card, like Lawson that brings the whole house down.

Tim Lawson, the first to be charged int he Swallow Saga

Governor Herbert still have questions to be answered as well.... I find it funny his LT Gov resigns, one of his top staffers resigns, The Attorney General resigns, and you have to wonder how deep his hands go into the scandal? I  know the Division of Consumer Protections is involved and probably is the more powerful card of the bunch. Obviously Traci Gundersen is whistle blowing. This whole scandal is a mess and a lot of top officials could be in a world of hurt. Only time will tell, and this House Investigation needs to continue!

Ryan Scott Jensen